Connect health system and get your health records from patient portal?

Using 1upHealth, users able to get the health records in minutes! 1upHealth securely store clinical hospital records and wearable sensor data in HIPAA compliant cloud.

1upHealth allows proxy accounts where a caregiver able to manage multiple user/patient profiles, all in one place and easily switch between them.


Using 1upHealth for yourself and you are not a caregiver, then follow these steps below.

Login into 1upHealth Patient App

  1. Click Connect Healthcare Provider
  2. Or click the Healthcare Providers tab on the left and click Add Provider button
  3. Search for your healthcare provider
  4. Click Connect - if your healthcare provider is supported by 1upHealth, then you will see Connect button and if not, reach out to 1upHealth or your healhcare system to enable support for 1upHealth or patient portal access to apps. If your health system is not supported, stop here and do not follow below steps.
  5. Enter your patient portal credentials for your healthcare provider. Note -- 1upHealth does not store any of your username/password, as you are authenticating with your healthcare provider directly.
  6. Allow access to share your health records with 1upHealth.
  7. All of your data will be available in 1upHealth (in minutes).


If you are caregiver, you need to setup the patient profile first to keep the right data synced with 1upHealth.

  1. Goto Settings tab
  2. Click Patient Profile
  3. Add new patient profile, update or switch between your patients.
  4. Once the right patient profile is created and activated, then follow above steps to connect your health systems for that particular patient profile.