BodySite - FHIR Resource (stu3)

This BodySite Resource uses the FHIR API standard for access and structure.

Validate an BodySite FHIR Resource (stu3)

Resource Attributes

AttributeField is listTypeDescription
activefalseboolean Whether this body site record is in active use
codefalseCodeableConcept Named anatomical location
descriptionfalsestring Anatomical location description
identifiertrueIdentifier Bodysite identifier
imagetrueAttachment Attached images
patientfalseReference Who this is about
qualifiertrueCodeableConcept Modification to location code

BodySite Structure

  "resourceType" : "BodySite",
  // from Resource: id, meta, implicitRules, and language
  // from DomainResource: text, contained, extension, and modifierExtension
  "identifier" : [{ Identifier }], // Bodysite identifier
  "active" : <boolean>, // Whether this body site record is in active use
  "code" : { CodeableConcept }, // Named anatomical location
  "qualifier" : [{ CodeableConcept }], // Modification to location code
  "description" : "<string>", // Anatomical location description
  "image" : [{ Attachment }], // Attached images
  "patient" : { Reference(Patient) } // R!  Who this is about


BodySite Search Parameters

The following search parameters can be used to query BodySite resources. Just submit the like so:
Search ParameterField TypeResource Fields Searched