Provider Search UI

The Provider Search UI is a feature that can incorporate the unified single search function into your application. The search bar will display the searched items in bold and similar items will display for additional suggestions.

The Provider Search UI utilizes individual end points we have created to easily access specific data sets. The connect provider search is an endpoint that accepts any query parameters and returns a bundle of FHIR Organizations. The Doctor/Practitioner API and Hospital/Organization API aggregate public data and make it available via the standard FHIR API so the data about Hospitals and Doctors is easily accessible.

Search by Hospital Name

Patients can search by the name of a health system, facility or clinic to identify where their data resides.

Search by Hospital/Provider Address

If individuals do not know the name of the organization, they can also search by the address, city, and / or state.

Search by Doctor Name

Commonly patients only know their Doctor's name. The Provider Search UI makes it easy to search by a name and find the associated health system.

Search Bar Capabilities

The Provider Search accepts the search parameters listed below:

Hospital/Provider Doctor
Name Name
Address Address
City City
State State
Clinic Within Hospital NPI Number

Embedding with an iframe

The Provider Search UI can be used as an iframe inside an application. Plug your access_token (Check out our Quick Start Guide on how to access tokens) generated with the client_id and client_secret for the applicaton in the provider search url as a query parameter.

    <iframe style="border: 0px solid #fff" src="{YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN}" height="500" width="100%"/>

After a health system, clinic, hospital or doctor is selected, the user is directed to a quick connect page (using the same access_token) for the login process. Check out our Quick Connect Documentation on how to quick connect.


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