Connect Health Data iFrame

To make it easy for apps to list 1upHealth supported health systems, we provide an iFrame or page you can embed into your app. The app must direct users to a page using that user's access_token in the url.

Here's an example of the iFrame used in the 1up Health demo web application along with the code needed display all the health systems.

  style="border: 0px solid #fff"

Whenever a user clicks one of the connect links, they'll be sent to the patient portal of that health system to authorize access to their health data. All the connected EHR data will flow into 1upHealth and be made available via FHIR APIs to your application using the same bearer access_token

If this format does not suit your app's style, you can also use the EHR provider listing api using the following data. Then you can modify this information in whatever style you require to fit in with your app seamlessly.

curl -XGET ''