Developer Documentation

Welcome to 1upHealth! Get familiar with the 1upHealth products and explore their features.

1upHealth provides a HIPAA compliant Application Programming Interface (API) platform for building the future of health care applications. Teams can build apps for multiple health systems without custom integrations for each one.

FHIR API for Health
A complete FHIR toolkit built for health app developers
Clinical Data & Sensors
Connect user device metrics alongside clinical data from health system EHRs
User Permissions
Manage patient, provider, and user permissions programatically
Open Data
An open data set on providers and medical codes

Getting Started

1upHealth helps you create health applications and interoperate with health systems on the FHIR API standard. If you would like an API key, create a health developer account. Take a look at our introductory code which will walk you trough making your first request on the 1upHealth FHIR API with OAuth2. You can also use our open source demo health application to get started with the 1upHealth platform.

Speak FHIR

The future of healthcare applications will interface using Fast healthcare Interoperable Resources (FHIR). FHIR standardizes a RESTful interface for hundreds of clinical objects spanning Patients, Claims, Providers, Medications, etc. 1upHealth supports both DSTU2 and STU3 versions of FHIR. Along with that, 1upHealth enables apps to plug into hundreds of health system locations using OAuth2 and EHR launch commands (via SMART Platforms) so teams can embed their app within the EHR and authorize access to patient data. Standardizing against this technology involves many facets including data structure, version tracking, methods of autorization, search APIs, FHIR provenance on blockchain, etc. We help apps get a jump start by providing all this functionality so teams can focus on their value add.

Manage Users

Secure user management is core to health tech. 1upHealth's HIPAA compliant platform allows apps to programatically create users and granularly manage their data permissions. This enables patients to share medical history with their families or health systems to manage groups of doctors. You can read the API documentation on managing users for more detail.

Connect Data from EHRs and Sensors

We believe health systems lose sight of their patients after discharge. With 1upHealth's data integrations to the most popular consumer wearable devices, hospitals and apps can connect patients to their devices, analyze sensor data, and get alerts when users are likely to be readmitted. Read the docs on connecting users to EHR & sensor data.

Access Open Data

Nearly all healthcare applications need information about medical codes, doctors, healthcare organizations and other taxonomies. 1upHealth has already aggregated this and serves it up as an API that you can call on anywhere in your application. See more information about 1upHealth open data.

Not a Developer?

A custom 1upHealth integration requires you to either be or hire a developer. But, 1upHealth also offers a fully featured patient app and provider app. We can help your health system go live with either or both apps.


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